How to access the API

First Contact


For your first contact with our API, we recommend to use a GraphQL explorer, such as Altair GraphQL Client . It’s available as a desktop application and we really like it like that.



The GraphQL API's endpoint is the following:



The API is public and you can freely use it up to 10 request / minute without authentication.

By authenticating, you get up to 100 requests / minute, access to sensitive data and can perform actions.

With a Personal Token


The Personal Token give you access to the API and is automatically authenticating you as an individual. To create one, go to your personal settings and navigate to the For developers section.

There is multiple way to pass the Personal Token:

  • As an HTTP header: Personal-Token: <PERSONAL_TOKEN>

With OAuth


OAuth lets you create applications that can access Open Collective's API to read information and trigger changes on the platform.

Documentation is here for now: